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Project Management

Project & Resource Management: 

info@hand tracks the performance of current projects, and organizes a history of all project-related documents, status reports, tasks and contacts. Utilization, and time booked to project tasks, are also tracked for resources assigned to the project.

Within info@hand, a project is modeled as:

  • A main panel containing summary information about the project

  • A financial information panel containing a summary of expected and actual costs and revenue for each month of the project

  • A number of sub-panels linking in related information

There are a number of common sub-panels � such as Open Activities, History, Contacts, Documents and Opportunities - but also a special sub-panel entitled Project Tasks.

Project tasks include information about the start and due date for each task, the resources assigned to the task, the utilization percentage for those resources on this task, and the hourly cost for those resource on this task (by default the standard hourly cost is used from their HR profile).

When a project task is active, resources may book time to the project, and to that project task specifically. At the end of each time period, resources file timesheets, which automatically include all time they have booked to projects or service cases during that time period.

Once their timesheets are approved, the costs for their work accrue to the project and are displayed on the project's summary table of costs and income. And a project's as-yet-unbilled booked hours may be invoiced at any time. With a single mouseclick, the user has an invoice open with all billable hours detailed on it, ready to print or email.

The Company Calendar shows a table of all resources, their project assignments and utilization percentages when the Show Project Assignments checkbox is selected.

Customers may collaborate on projects via the Customer Portal, checking on the progress and anticipated completion dates of tasks, uploading or downloading project documents, and accessing contact information for project members.

Document Management:

info@hand enables the sharing of business documents - from HR claim forms and Marketing collateral to Engineering designs.

  • Multiple revisions may be stored ensuring only approved documents are used.

  • Documents in any format can be filed, and may be searched by title, description, file type, status, department, keywords and owner.

  • Documents may be associated with Projects, Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, or Service Cases.

A project can have all of the project's documentation attached to it. An account, lead or contact can have all related documents attached. And supporting documents for a service case can be attached to it.


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