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info@hand PBX

info@hand PBX: Integration for Asterisk/Trixbox/Skype/X-Lite Telephony

info@hand PBX is add-on software for the info@hand Business Portal that provides two additional capabilities:

  • Click to dial
  • Screen pop-up on incoming call

Click to dial for Firefox, by info@hand:

info@hand PBX Configuration ScreenThe click to dial capability is provided by an add-on for Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or later that enables click-to-dial capabilities for any software that displays telephone numbers on the browser screen. This add on is called Click-to-dial for Firefox, by info@hand.

When Click-to-dial for Firefox is active in your Firefox browser, whenever a telephone number is displayed in your browser, that number is hyperlinked in such a way that if you click on it, your Asterisk or Trixbox IP Telephony system, or Skype or X-Lite software, will place a call to that number. A small telephone icon is added just to the right of the telephone number, to remind the user of the click to dial capability.

Click-to-dial for Firefox works with info@hand, SugarCRM, and indeed any web application used within Firefox. This software is free to use, but is proprietary software created by The Long Reach Corporation, which also holds the Copyright on the software and its documentation. It is not Open Source software.

You may download the software and/or its User Guide here:

Click-to-dial for Firefox was designed specifically for use with the info@hand Business Portal by Spotted Frog Enterprises. It works especially well with info@hand because info@hand provides the option of auto-formatting all telephone numbers in the application, to ensure a consistent format including area and country codes, ensuring that the full and correct telephone number is always dialled.

Note: A click to dial plug-in for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser is currently under development.

Screen Pop-up on Incoming Call:

In addition to the capabilities of Click-to-dial for Firefox, info@hand PBX also includes the ability to recognize incoming calls, and pop-up the info@hand contact detail screen showing information about the caller. This additional software is included already built into info@hand versions 5.2 or later.


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