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Order Management

info@hand provides invaluable financial information as part of its unified approach to business management.


You can create and organize a product catalog, and then prepare customer quotes, sales orders and invoices from that catalog. Once sold, products may be tracked by serial number on service contracts, with their associated case history.


Payments may be received and allocated to open invoices, and receipts may be printed as PDF documents. Statements may be created and printed for partially paid invoices, or as full account statements.

The optional info@hand Finance module permits the catalog and accounts data, plus invoices and payments, to be synchronized with QuickBooks at regular intervals.

Purchase Orders may also be generated and emailed to suppliers, and outgoing payments may be tracked and alocated to purchase orders to derive an accounts payable balance.

An Acrobat PDF may be generated for any document (Quote, Invoice, Sales Order, etc..) - using the Create PDF button. Each document may also be automatically generated and emailed (as a PDF attachment) in a single action. Your company name and address details (as well as your company logo) on the PDF come from Company Information data entered in the administration screen. There is support for multiple company addresses plus the appending of standard terms and conditions, and there are two attractive layouts to choose from. PDFs support multi-byte character sets, and so character sets such as Thai and Japanese are supported.


The Quotes module manages the creation of customer quotations. Quotes are created by defining a quantity to be sold for each of a number of products or assemblies (complex products), and an account to which they are being quoted. Quotes may be managed and tracked through their life-cycle using the Quotes module.

Each quote has a Stage - which may be set to Draft, Negotiation, Delivered, On Hold, Confirmed, Closed Accepted, Closed Lost, or Closed Dead. As well, a quote has a Valid Until date, after which the prices quoted expire. Each quote has a contact, an account, and an address - for both bill to and ship to. For each quote the shipping provider, the currency and the terms must also be selected.

Each quote consists of one or more product groupings, and each product group may have one or more products in it. Each group has a name, and a stage.

Clicking on the subject for any Quote in the list view displays the detail information for that Quote.

The Quotes detail view illustrates the information captured by a quote within info@hand - complete with Bill To and Ship To addresses and contacts, multiple groups of line items, shipping provider, taxes payable, discounts and shipping costs (per group).


Invoices may be created by converting a Quote to an Invoice, by creating an Invoice from scratch in much the same way as described above for a Quote, or by generating the Invoice from a Sales Order. Invoices add a Due Date, which is automatically calculated using the terms selected. The Invoices list view highlights any overdue invoices, and an Open Invoices Report lets you track all outstanding invoices.   

Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices and Purchase Orders may all be customized by selecting the starting number for each, and by specifying a prefix to be used. For example - specifying a prefix of "TLR06-" and a starting number of 1000 will generate an initial Invoice number of TLR06-1000.

Payments, Receipts & Statements:

  • Payments may be received and allocated to one or more invoices. Receipts may be generated and printed or emailed.

  • Partially paid invoices may have a statement generated and printed or emailed.

  • Account statements may be generated and printed or emailed. These statements may be created individually, or automatically for all accounts with a non-zero balance.

Sales Orders:

  • If desired, Sales Orders may be created as an intermediate step between Quotes and Invoices. Packing Slips and Order Confirmations may be produced and emailed as PDFs.

  • Sales Orders may be used to generate one or more Invoices.

Purchase Orders and Outgoing Payments:

  • Purchase Orders may be created and automatically emailed to suppliers. The Purchase Orders list view highlights any overdue items, and an Open Purchase Orders Report lets you track all outstanding POs.

  • Outgong Payments may be tracked and allocated to one or more Purchase Orders. Payment Advice notes may be generated and printed or emailed.


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