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info@hand Mobile

info@hand Mobile: Handheld Browser Support

info@hand Mobile allows users of wireless phones or PDAs, with browser support, to access their info@hand (or SugarCRM) server. Mobile users may view or update existing data, as well as add new data. Only the principal modules may be accessed using info@hand Mobile, including Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Leads, Tasks, Meetings, Calls and Cases.

The user interface has been optimized for browsing on smaller screens, and is character-based to conserve bandwidth. You can try it out at - this links to the database of our regular demo site, so login as admin/admin. If on a BlackBerry - make sure that browser options - Emulation is set to BlackBerry. You can also go to this address with a full browser - with interesting results. (See Mobile User Guide here.)

info@hand Mobile recognizes four classes of device:

  • If a device only accepts WML, it is a WAP browser.
  • If it accepts some sort of (X)HTML, then screen width come into play : If width < 320 pixels then it is classed as a small device (most likely a mobile phone, maybe a BlackBerry or a Windows Mobile device such as an iPAQ)
  • If screen width is in the range 320 - 639 pixels then it is classed as a medium-sized device (many modern PDAs, including Blackberry 8700, and Treo 650/700p)
  • If screen width >= 640 pixels then it is classed as a large device (most likely a PC/Mac browser, or perhaps a VGA-class PDA such as some Dell Axim models)

Small, medium and large devices each have different screen layouts. For small devices, list views are rendered in one column, each label and data item on a separate line, and the same for detail/edit/search layouts. For medium devices, there is still a one-column layout, but with labels on the left and data on the right of the same line. For large devices, there is the usual tabular layout for list views, and a 4-column layout for detail/edit/search screens.

WAP Interface

Medium Layout
(Blackberry 8700)

Large Layout (Dell Axim X50V)


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