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info@hand manages corporate Human Resources data for all staff members, including salary information, vacation and sick days, plus all HR-related documents such as resumes, job descriptions and performance reviews. HR Documents are saved securely, and as with all HR data are only accessible to designated employees. 

In many states and countries around the world, businesses - even quite small ones - have a statutory responsibility to securely maintain records on their employees. The required data includes information such as health benefits information, emergency contact name and number, dependants, salary history, performance evaluations and official warnings. info@hand provides a convenient solution to the retention and management of this Human Resources information.

Upon first entering the HR module, an Employee list view is displayed. (See HR List View)

To view an employee's records, you simply click on their name in the HR List View. (See HR Detail View).

The leave data shown on the detail view is calculated from data saved for each employee. Annual vacation days are accrued at the appropriate rate each month, and start from the number of vacation days carried over from last year. Then any vacation days actually taken in each month are subtracted, always showing the vacation entitlement going forward.

Sick days are calculated in a similar way, and for each, the numbers are displayed in red when they go negative.


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