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Customer Service Case Management:

info@hand includes a service contract management system that tracks the products on each service contract, and reminds you of contract renewals. The Service Contracts module combines with the Products, Cases and Software Bugs modules to provide a comprehensive service management capability.

On entry to the service contracts module, all contracts are listed with their contract numbers, and the associated Account. Each master service contract can have any number of associated sub-contracts, and each of those may have any number of products associated with them for support coverage.

Each service sub-contract has a start and end date, and is colour coded accordingly - Red for expired contracts, Yellow for contracts expiring in the next 30 days, and Green for active contracts. Each master service contract is also colour coded, using the most out-of-date colour of any of its sub-contracts - so that expiring sub-contracts can push colour coded reminders through to the master contract list view.


The case management system allows users to track customer problems and resolutions through their life-cycle. Cases may be assigned High, Medium or Low priority. They have a status of Active - New, Active - Assigned, Pending, Closed - Complete, or Closed - No Fault. Each Case tracks the related service contract number, and the description and serial number of any hardware asset involved in the Case

Clients can file cases and bugs via the Customer Portal, and both employees and customers can be automatically notified via email if cases they are involved in are updated.

Software Bugs are defects or features associated with a particular revision of a software product. They may be managed and tracked through their life-cycle using the Software Bugs module. Bugs may be assigned a priority of Urgent, High, Medium and Low. They have a status of New, Assigned, Closed, Pending Input, or Rejected. Each Bug also specifies a related software release. The drop-down list of choices for release is populated by the System Administrator using the Software Bugs - Releases Administration option within the administration screens. Each Bug may also be assigned a resolution status of Accepted, Duplicate, Fixed, Out of Date, Invalid, or Later


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