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CRM Solutions

Order Management
You can create and organize a product catalog, and then prepare customer quotes, sales orders and invoices from that catalog. Once sold, products may be tracked by serial number on service contracts, with their associated case history.

Payments may be received and allocated to open invoices, and receipts may be printed as PDF documents. Statements may be created and printed for partially paid invoices, or as full account statements. more

Inventory Management
info@hand 5.3 introduces a full inventory management capability.Two key modules perform the bulk of inventory management - Shipping and Receiving. In addition, the Sales Orders and Purchase Orders modules, as well as the Invoices module, evolved to support the tracking of partially received Purchase Orders, and partially shipped Sales Orders or Invoices (depending on how your business operates). more

Project Management
info@hand tracks the performance of current projects, and organizes a history of all project-related documents, status reports, tasks and contacts. Utilization, and time booked to project tasks, are also tracked for resources assigned to the project. more

Customer Service
info@hand manages corporate Human Resources data for all staff members, including salary information, vacation and sick days, plus all HR-related documents such as resumes, job descriptions and performance reviews. HR Documents are saved securely, and as with all HR data are only accessible to designated employees.

The case management system allows users to track customer problems and resolutions through their life-cycle. Cases may be assigned High, Medium or Low priority. They have a status of Active - New, Active - Assigned, Pending, Closed - Complete, or Closed - No Fault. Each Case tracks the related service contract number, and the description and serial number of any hardware asset involved in the Case. more

Human Resources
info@hand manages corporate Human Resources data for all staff members, including salary information, vacation and sick days, plus all HR-related documents such as resumes, job descriptions and performance reviews. HR Documents are saved securely, and as with all HR data are only accessible to designated employees. more

Email, News & Calendar

Corporate Calendar:
offers full group calendaring features:

  • Check for schedule conflicts when planning calls and meetings.
  • Send invitations to colleagues and customers.
  • View your calendar by Day, Week, Month, or Year.
  • View the full company calendar by Month.
  • Check Resource and Meeting room bookings.
  • Display current project assignments for all billable personnel, to help maximize utilization rates.

Email Management:
lets you compose and send email (text or HTML format), plus receive email from one or more accounts per user.

  • Create custom email folders to hold your mail for filing.
  • The system automatically associates all mail to Contact and (optionally) Account history.
  • info@hand can also organize and perform outbound email marketing campaigns
  • Email addresses are auto-completed if you just type in a few letters of first or last name (see image of composing email).
  • Full text email search finds information in email body, not just email subject.
  • Each user specifies retention period for different types of email, reducing clutter of irrelevant emails.
  • Email signatures are provided as a convenient time-saver.

Personalized News Pages:
An RSS News page delivers personalized daily news for each employee.

  • See the top 5 stories for each news feed you select - and click to open them in a separate window.

  • info@hand is supplied with hundreds of standard news feeds, and you can add your own quickly and easily.

  • more

Reports & Dashboard Charts

Report Designer & Generator: 

As businesses get larger and their data becomes more complex, a capable reporting system is a fundamental requirement.

Within info@hand the reports module shows a list of available reports. You may click on the name of a report to run that report, or to see the archived results of previous runs of that report. Each report listed shows its name, the principal module on which it reports, when it was last run, when it was last modified, and if it is set to run manually, interactively or automatically on a timed basis. Scheduled reports may be automatically emailed to a distribution list. Just imagine - your business tells you how it is doing without being asked!

A number of predefined standard reports are included with the system, and new report designs may be easily developed and saved for repeated use in future. Try our online demo to see how easy it is to design your own reports.

Reports can include multiple sort keys, grouping, filters, and may relate data in multiple modules. Acrobat PDF documents may be created from any report, and report data may also be exported to several common file formats including CSV and HTML. 

Reports may also generate charts of their data, and these charts may then be added to your Personal Dashboard. more

Outlook Synchronization
The info@hand plug-in for Microsoft Outlook is available free of charge for all info@hand users, and utilizes the info@hand web services SOAP interface to integrate CRM functionality into Outlook. No server components or modifications are needed to use the plug-in. The plug-in is simply installed and configured on each client PC or notebook that needs this capability, and enhances the Outlook client installed on that computer. more

info@hand Mobile

info@hand Mobile: Handheld Browser Supp. more

info@hand Finance (QuickBooks)

info@hand Finance (QuickBooks Synchronization Link)
The integration of business data is a serious and long-standing issue for small and mid-size businesses (SMBs). Typically, an SMB buys a CRM, an operations management system specific to their business model, an accounting system, an invoicing system, and potentially a service management system. Add in their public web site, and a customer self-service portal, and the average SMB starts to feel like they are in the IT business, not their real business.

For a business managed by multiple separate systems, the clerical effort and loss of data quality associated with trying to keep data in the multiple systems in sync is both costly and inefficient. Operating a business based on these 'islands of information' is not an option in today's challenging business climate.

Yet trying to buy an integrated system that covers all these bases, matches the specifics of your business model, and is still affordable, if often an impossible task. And even when such a system can be found, migrating to a fully integrated system from today's multiple applications can be a difficult and risky process.

With info@hand, our approach is different. We created a Customer Relationship and Business Management System (CRBM) - a system with a CRM at the core, with integrated operations management, service management and order management features. more

  info@hand eStore

eStore for Online Sales

The info@hand eStore is the latest addition to the info@hand Customer Portal. When sales are made via the eStore, details of Account information, Invoices and Payments are automatically posted in info@hand. And if you have the optional info@hand Finance for QuickBooks installed, that same information will be synchronized from info@hand to your QuickBooks database as well.

Additional key features of the eStore include:

  • Products in the catalog of the info@hand Business Portal may be individually selected as being for sale, or not for sale, in the linked eStore.
  • Images of those products are also managed within info@hand for use in the eStore screen displays.
  • When new portal users are created their registration information is automatically added into the eStore records as well, creating a single sign-on common environment for the Customer Portal and eStore combined.
  • more

info@hand PBX

info@hand PBX: Integration for Asterisk/Trixbox/Skype/X-Lite Telephony

info@hand PBX is add-on software for the info@hand Business Portal that provides two additional capabilities:

  • Click to dial
  • Screen pop-up on incoming call

Click to dial for Firefox, by info@hand:

The click to dial capability is provided by an add-on for Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or later that enables click-to-dial capabilities for any software that displays telephone numbers on the browser screen. This add on is called Click-to-dial for Firefox, by info@hand.

When Click-to-dial for Firefox is active in your Firefox browser, whenever a telephone number is displayed in your browser, that number is hyperlinked in such a way that if you click on it, your Asterisk or Trixbox IP Telephony system, or Skype or X-Lite software, will place a call to that number. A small telephone icon is added just to the right of the telephone number, to remind the user of the click to dial capability.

Click-to-dial for Firefox works with info@hand, SugarCRM, and indeed any web application used within Firefox. This software is free to use, but is proprietary software created by The Long Reach Corporation, which also holds the Copyright on the software and its documentation. It is not Open Source software. more

info@hand Live Demo

Demo link:

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